Thanksgiving Dinner at Lotus


Families came together to celebrate Thanksgiving at Lotus.

On November 15th the Lotus parents, students, and staff gathered in the gym for the annual community Thanksgiving Dinner.

The school gym was filled with the delicious savory scent of roasted turkey and creamy gravy. Hosted by Mrs. Chol and the National Honors Society, the free event was intended to bring teachers, students, and families together to share food and conversation.

The event was a huge success. Mrs. Chol proudly told us that she believed the event was “Definitely successful, and had one of the bigger turnouts.”

The event offered lots of delicious foods such as mashed potatoes, mac’ and cheese, roasted turkey, and other dishes that families and teachers brought to share. 

The event ran smoothly thanks to the help of Mrs. Emel, Mrs. Pejovski and the National Honors Society. Student volunteers worked hard welcoming guests and serving food.

Mrs. Chol said, “I hope to keep doing this as long as I am here.”