Salem Scobee, like the rest of us, is feeling overwhelmed.
Salem Scobee, like the rest of us, is feeling overwhelmed.

End of the Semester Survival Guide

December 11, 2018

The end of the semester is upon us. This means that in one week some students will be scurrying around the halls to turn in late assignments, beg for extra credit, and try to raise their grades. Teachers will be looking on with disapproval, wondering why students waited until the last minute to care. If you want to avoid this stress and frustration, get started now! 

I interviewed some of the toughest teachers at Lotus–looking at you Mr. Katmer, Mrs. Svoboda ♥–to get advice for how students can finish the semester out strong. Here are their tips: 

Study and Review: Studying and reviewing are two of the most important things that every single teacher I talked to repeated. This is essential to achieving high grades and passing your midterms. This conditions your mind to help you perform to the best of your ability. As for how to study, you’re going to have to figure out what works for you. Everyone learns and remembers things differently. Check out this great article from the Princeton Review for some study methods to try out.

It may not be fun, but it is worth it!

Ask Questions: If it does not make sense, ask questions. It does not matter if it is the very beginning of the semester or very end, questions are always allowed. Asking questions is crucial to understanding the material in your classes. Don’t worry about annoying your teacher, chances are they’re already annoyed with you anyways. Just kidding…I hope. 

No, but really make sure you ask questions that you need!

DO NOT PROCRASTINATE: That voice in your head that says, “one more episode,” or, “there’s always tomorrow,” is not your friend. You may think your best ideas come to you at the last minute, but the reality probably is that you will not have enough time to execute them, and end up turning in haphazard work. 

Resist the temptation to procrastinate!

Remember, the end is in sight: December 21st marks the end of the first semester and the beginning of winter break. Know that everything comes to the end, and so will this semester.  Once it is over your grades will be final, so put in the work worthy of an A. We’re so close to sleeping in until noon, staying in pj’s all day, and endless Netflix. Hang in there! 

Use these tactics to help end this semester positively and be ready to conquer the upcoming semester.

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