Ms. Butler's pets, Gallagher and Mr. Twigglesworth.
Ms. Butler's pets, Gallagher and Mr. Twigglesworth.

Teacher’s Pets: Mr. Twigglesworth & Gallagher

December 13, 2018

Meet Mr. Twigglesworth and Gallagher, Ms. Butler’s pet cat and dog. They sometimes drive her crazy, but she loves them a lot and they never fail to make her laugh. Read on and check out the photos below to learn more about them!

Mr. Twigglesworth is a 6 year old Calico. She likes short walks to the food bowl. When shes not cleaning herself she likes to spend her time looking at squirrels through the window. She knows how to sit and give paw, but she doesn’t take commands from humans.

Gallagher is almost 4 years old and he is a Red-Tri Border Collie. He has over 30 toys and enjoys taking them all out of his box and leaving them in his mom’s room. He then has to pick them all up and put them back into the toy box.  He spends his free time bothering his kitty-sister and trying to take her toys. He loves to run and play fetch. He’s a good boy.

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