Consweyla’s Got Talent

December 17, 2018


Consweyla Ball looking cute.

Have you ever heard junior Consweyla Ball’s singing voice?  She started singing when she was only six years old at church. She was encouraged by her family, and practiced every single day. She has tremendously improved and can hit those high and low notes. Almost everyone in her family is musically inclined, including her uncle, PyRexx, a Christian rapper whom Consweyla went on tour with last year. 

“I had a really great experience going on tour with my uncle, and it taught me a lot about how it feels to be in the music industry.”

Her idol is Beyonce but she is also inspired by her aunt, Mary Nelson. “She is the head of the choir at her church, and she taught me how to hit high notes and keep my breath going.”

“I use music to express my feelings,” she says. She sings all the time, from the shower to doing homework.“I turn my homework into songs so I can remember what I learned.”

“Music expresses who I am,” she says.

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