Ask questions, teachers are there to help!
Ask questions, teachers are there to help!

Semester 2 Guide

February 4, 2019

Semester one may have not been the best semester for you, but there are ways to improve and succeed in semester two. These are some of my own tips, along with the tips of our deans, Ms. Barbara Rittenhouse and Mr. Yavuz Durmus, who have realized what helps their students and what doesn’t.

Step one: Get a good start

The best way to get good grades is to start the quarter off strong with no late assignments, and working diligently to maintain those grades. Ms. Rittenhouse mentions in an interview that, “Almost everyone starts off with and A, but one assignment at the start can drastically change your grade, so working hard from the start will create a strong foundation for the rest of the quarter.”

Step two: Don’t procrastinate

A lot of us have been in a situation where we have an assignment due the next day that we have not yet started. Avoiding procrastination will help you stay on top of your game because “That assignment won’t be your only assignment,” says Mr. Durmus, “Approach your teachers for help, and look at challenges in a positive way, and approach them with a plan.”

Step three: Set small goals

For some people the goal is to shoot for A’s as soon as the semester starts, and although it is achievable with the right mindset, many people abandon their goals. If you got A’s and B’s in the previous semester try to shoot for all A’s, if you passed all your classes but feel you can do better, aim to improve your lowest grades. If you failed any classes in first semester, make it your goal to pass all your classes. According to people learn better and get the best outcome on more complex projects when they complete smaller ones prior to the larger goal.

Step four: Stay consistent / Time management

Consistency is the most important step in becoming successful, not only will you be on top of all of your work but, if you are completing it at reasonable rate you find yourself managing all of it. Managing your time wisely will help you a lot in the long run. For example, if you were going to watch two hours of T.V after school, cut it down to one, and make sure you make school work a priority. In addition to that, try to get a planner to organize all your assignments in one place.

Step five: Cut down on social media usage

Last but not least, taking a break from social media can be a very positive experience. Most of the time it seems like things are moving very fast online, and taking a moment to step back can help you regain a sense of self. Set a bedtime and get to sleep at a reasonable time every night. Ms. Rittenhouse says that you should “Sleep away from your phone, and if it’s your alarm clock you need to invest in an actual alarm clock because it doesn’t matter if it’s your alarm, or a notification you brain wakes up when it hears a sound.”

Hard work always pays off!

Credit Recovery / Making up classes:

The first step in credit recovery or making up classes is to go speak to your grade levels dean and find out what classes you need to make up. After you get the classes you need to make up, you can go to the main office and enroll in classes ASAP. Many of us have heard these classes being referred to as “summer classes”, but you can enroll in classes at anytime starting now, so you can get them done before your summer vacation and enjoy your time off of school.


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