Super Bowl LIII Champions


Students wore sports jersey's to promote the Superbowl.

Oscar Gutierrez Franco, Sports Reporter

The New England Patriots defeat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 on a defensive game. Now, the Patriots have six Lombardi Trophies tying up with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most ever by any team. The Patriots and the Rams scored a total of 16 points making it the lowest in Super Bowl history. The previous record was 21 points, scored by the Dolphins and Redskins in Miami’s 14-7 win in Super Bowl VII.

Wide Receiver Julian Edelman from the Patriots won Super Bowl MVP (Most Valuable Player). At the end of the game, he had a game high of ten catches for 141 yards. Five foot ten former Kent State QB (Quarterback) is now second leading receiver in catches and yardage in postseason history, behind Jerry Rice. Julian Edelman joins six wide receivers to ever win MVP in a Super Bowl. Hopefully the Denver Broncos have a better year, bringing the championships home!

“No, No, No!” Chris Nguyen rocking a 90’s Dikembe Mutombo Nuggets jersey.

“A huevo! The Patriots are going to win,” said sophomore Juan Fuentes.

“I think that the Patriots will take the championship. The rams are a good team, don’t get me wrong. On the other hand, the Patriots have had countless hardships, that they overcome as they face better teams. Tom Brady has a high chance of winning his 6th ring at this rate,” said Junior Franklin Quaye.