Teachers In Sports

As the Lotus sports department booms, it is clear that Lotus has some amazing student athletes. However, not many people know that several Lotus teachers are also dedicated athletes. In this article, we will be highlighting a few teachers who are passionate about sports.

Mr. Shearer (7th Grade, Social Studies):

Mr. Shearer is a member of an Ultimate Frisbee team called the Love Tractors. They practice together a few times a week and regularly travel for games.

Shearer started playing his senior year of high school and continued through college and grad school. He even played for an Italian national team.

Upon being asked why he likes the sport, Mr. Shearer said, “I wasn’t good enough for any other club sports, and Ulitmate Frisbee offered me a chance to do things I love, like running and throwing.”

Ms. Baysden (9th Grade, Science):

If you’ve attended Lotus for a while, you might have noticed Ms. Baysden running. She originally ran track in middle school, but started Cross Country her junior year of high school, and soon realized she had a talent for it.  She says, “There is an adrenaline rush I get when I’m running, and everything else disappears.”

Mr. Svoboda (9th Grade, English):

Mr. Svoboda has been practicing martial arts since the age of six. He was inspired to start martial arts because of his lazy eye. “Martial arts is a solo sport, so my lazy eye wouldn’t let my teammates down.”

He worked his way through the ranks and even ran a professional Martial Arts center. He left in order to pursue teaching English, however, he still teaches classes and trains there with his daughter.

He has multiple black-belts, his highest being a fifth degree in Taekwondo. He is currently training to earn his sixth degree.

Mr. Katmer (10th Grade, Science): 

Mr. Katmer, the former Varsity soccer coach at Lotus, has played soccer almost his whole life, starting when he was just six years old. Mr. Katmer, “loves sports in general,” but his favorite part is the “competitiveness and physicality of soccer.”

He’s got some serious skills, and will happily show them off when given the chance.

Do you know any other teachers who play sports at Lotus? Comment below!