Second Annual African Night


Layla Haji

This performance was spectacular.

Mourad Al-mouradi, News Reporter

Time has come for the second annual African Night, and everyone at Lotus is invited and encouraged to come. This year’s African Night will be very unique and holds new and improved events. African night will be held Thursday, February 28th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in the Lotus secondary gym. The event will include students modeling their countries clothing and dances representing their culture. There will also be many different foods to try. Families have the option to bring an African dish to help participate.

African night is set up and organized by Ms. Baysden, a teacher here at Lotus who teaches Biology, AP Biology, and PLTW. Additionally, she is in charge of Student Council and is the main coordinator for school events.

Ms. Baysden expressed some of her hopes for African Night such as, “This year we are hoping to increase our participation and have an increased number of families attend.”  

According to Ms. Baysden, ”The idea of African night was brought up by students of student councils as they approached me and asked if we can hold African night since we already celebrate Latina night and Turkish night.”

Some of you might be wondering why we celebrate African night or why it is important for the whole school to know about it and participate. Well, according to Ms. Baysden, ”African night is important to celebrate our diversity and recognize a large population of our students.” Diversity is a very important part of our school and events like African Night bring this to light and celebrate the beautiful culture we have here. 

Some questions students have about the event include: What types of events will be there and how will African culture be expressed? Ms. Baysden answered this question saying, ”We will have dances and modeling to recognize traditional culture from each country represented by our student population.”

Many students are excited to participate in African Night through dancing or modeling. We interviewed a student who is going to participate in the event. Koffivi Woglo will be a model for African night. When asked what he would be modeling he replied saying, “I will be modeling West African clothes.” Additionally, Woglo encouraged people to come, ”It’s an opportunity to learn about African culture as well as try the different African dishes.”

We hope to that students will be able to participate and enjoy the multiple cultures found throughout our school.