Mind and Body Class


Ms. Hall's mind and body class take place during third period.

Zulaykha Ali, News Reporter

Lotus students know a lot about being stressed, from numerous AP classes to hours of homework, it can be easy to get lost in the whirlwind and forget the consequences those tasks have on your mind and body.

Ms. Hall, the secondary Earth Science teacher, has opened many doors for Lotus students by turning what used to be just a club, into a semester-long class called Mind and Body.

Ms. Hall’s love for yoga began when she was just 15. She continued yoga into college and still practices it to this day. When asked if she uses the same techniques she teaches, Ms.Hall said, “ I have a reminder on my phone, and every day at 8 a.m. (my planning period) I practice in my classroom for 10 minutes. I do 20-minute sessions on the weekend.”

Contrary to common belief, Mind and Body class is not just about crossing your legs and repeating the word, “Om,” and most definitely isn’t connected to any religion.

“Another misconception,” Ms. Hall explained confidently, “is that mindfulness is going to solve all your problems or ‘fix kids.’ This is not the case. No one is trying to fix you in this class. You will get mad and sad again in your life even if you practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is meant to make you aware of the things internally going on and giving you the tool of noticing your feelings as they arise so you have the choice to have a response rather than react.”

Ms. Hall’s third-period students are evidence of the wonders that the Mind and Body class does for students.  When we asked students to rate how they feel about the class, most of them responded with “10/10” or “9/10”.

Brenda Wallace, a seventh grader taking the class, said, “It teaches you self-management and since a lot of people have anxiety it teaches you how to calm down about something. It kinda teaches you about self-control.”

Jacob Valentine, another seventh-grade participant of the class gave us his experience saying, “I have issues with stress in situations and when I get too much work I get really stressed. This class helps calm me down.”

Ms. Hall left us with a message she felt was important for Lotus to know, ”I would like all students and teachers to know that Mind and Body sessions are available to all students whenever they’d like. If you want to join next year, it is a semester class you can enroll in. If you are a teacher and would like to drop in with your class during 3rd period, our Mind and Body class would love to teach any age group about the benefits of mindfulness and practice with them! Just contact Ms.Hall!”