One student admitted to eating toilet paper. Please do not try do this at home.

My Strange Addiction: Lotus Edition

March 7, 2019

If you’ve ever watched TLC’s My Strange Addictions, you know that some people have bizarre habits and preferences that are difficult for many people to wrap their head around. I wondered if anyone at Lotus had strange addictions of their own, and I was shocked at what I found. 

The first person I interviewed was a tenth grade student who said they like to, “scratch the dead skin off the bottom of their feet and eat it.” Similarly, another student in the same grade said that they like biting the dead skin around their fingers and eating it. “It feels nice in my mouth and I like the feeling,” they stated.

When I asked the student what drew them to this addiction they replied, “I was just sitting one day and I bit a small piece of dead skin from my thumb and liked the feeling.”

A Junior said, “When I was six all the way up to ten, I used to take toilet paper, wet it and then eat it piece by piece.” The student said this started when they were wiping their nose one day and some of the toilet paper got in their mouth and they enjoyed the taste. It eventually became a habit.

Other “addictions” are arguably less weird and involve bizarre food pairings. One teacher said they like, “putting mustard on their fries,” and another said that they like to, “dip pizza crust in soda.” They both said that they were drawn to this addiction because they enjoy the flavor. 

It seems that harboring strange addictions is more common than one might think. Comment below if you have a strange addiction like those listed above.

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