We Should All Be Feminists


Feminism is equality.

A feminist is someone who supports feminism. A lot of people don’t want to get involved with feminism because of the word itself. It is a misunderstood concept that is widely believed to be solely for angry women. However, Feminism is for everyone, both men and women. It is not about women having power over men. It is simply a solution to a worldwide problem: gender inequality. 

Gender inequality is a political, economic, and social problem. When it comes to feminism, we see hundreds of concepts connected, it is not just about being equal. It’s about equity and equality with women getting the respect they deserve, their voices being heard, and women being able to make their own decisions without being judged or needing anyone’s approval. That is feminism. 

Over the last centuries, people have always tried to shape women to fit their expectations of what a “woman” should be like. From her clothes and appearance to her personal choices and actions, society will always dig up something and say it is not “ladylike.” There is no such thing as “ladylike”.  A woman who prefers wearing athletic clothes and playing basketball is not less of a woman than one who wears dresses and likes doing her makeup; she can also be both. There is no shame in differences. Nothing in this world can make a woman more “feminine” than another because every woman has her own preferences. She also has every right to decide what she wants to do with her life, what she wants to wear, and when she wants to speak up. Every woman has a voice and something to say. That is feminism.

Both females and males can identify as feminist.

People always criticize the girls of this generation and call them “pathetic.” They brand them as not caring about anything except looking perfect and their phones. That is not true. Girls of this generation are incredibly smart and open-minded. People must stop pressuring young girls to look and act a certain way, every girl should know her worth. Society is always telling girls to look pretty, but at the same time, telling them they cannot be that unless they check everything off the list of “pretty.”  We should instead, teach girls to be pretty strong, pretty clever, and pretty confident for that is real beauty. Being what society has defined as “pretty” means nothing, but being whoever she chooses to be means the world: it makes history. A woman knowing her worth matters. Stop blaming girls, and start blaming people that plant and grow these ideas into young, innocent minds. That is feminism.

When it comes to the economic and political problems of gender inequality, we must keep in mind that feminism is about equality and equity. Equality in feminism means equal pay for the exact same job, equal opportunities, equal respect, and equal rights. Equity in feminism means being fair and accepting the fact that men and women are different, but that does not make one gender less than the other. Men and women have different body strengths and necessities. Being different does not make women any less than men, and the power a woman has is significantly remarkable in every possible way. That is feminism.

A variety of students at Lotus identify as feminist.

Gender inequality has always been there. The longer people tolerate the unacceptable, the more they delay change. “If not me, who? If not now, when,” says Emma Watson. We should all take a stand against this inequality. We should all be feminists.