Lotus got Talent: Dance video

Lotus Journalism

Asma Awaleh, News Reporter

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Franklin is one of our talented junior in Lotus. He started dancing when he was in 8th grade. Franklin inspiration to start dancing is seeing other people do certain dance moves and watching Instagram dance videos.

Certain dance moves made me excited, so I tried it myself one day, and here I am.”

He claims that his motivations include “having fun” and “making people smile and laugh as well”.

His favorite dance moves are ‘the glide’ and ‘footwork’, he likes those because he thinks they give off that smooth vibe. Franklin also mentioned that these dance moves are hard to master  “But once you do, it’s like you have the whole world at your fingertips”. When asked who his favorite dancer is, he replied “Michael Jackson, because when he dances he hits his moves so smoothly, and looking at it makes you wish you could do that”.