Joey’s Make Up Journey


The beauty industry has reached great heights in recent years. Beauty gurus and influencers have been able to use social media to promote and display their art. Teenagers and kids see this method of expression and are inspired to “Unleash their inner artist,” as said by James Charles, a young beauty influencer on YouTube.

Red Queen.

Joey Reyes is an eighth-grade student who was inspired by the expressions of beauty he saw around him. He has been practicing his makeup skills since the 6th grade when he applied foundation for the first time. “I would go to my bathroom and lock the door and I would steal my sister’s makeup and just put it on,” he says.

Joey in all his glory.

Although there are supporters for this type of trend, there is still a prevalence of homophobic comments and hate. Sometimes this hate can discourage young influencers and teens who share their artwork. Unfortunately, even Joey has received his share of hateful comments.  When asked about this, Joey says, “I don’t really read them but they call me ignorant names.”

What a queen.


Despite the negative comments, Joey is thriving in his talent. All of his family and friends support him wholeheartedly.  Here are looks that Joey has done over the years.