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Colorado Rockies

Oscar Gutierrez-Franco, Sports Reporter

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With the new baseball season starting the anticipation is building up for the Colorado Rockies. After getting off to a rough start with a series of injuries this 2019 season, fans have begun to wonder whether this season is cursed.

Health has been of the greatest issues this season for the Rockies. Since the start of the season starting with Daniel Murphy (broken finger), Jake McGee (knee sprain), Tyler Anderson (knee inflammation), and David Dahl (core injury), all of who had been placed on the 10-day injured list.

No team goes the whole season without having to deal with a few injuries, but the Rockies have also been off for quite a while. Their offense hasn’t been hitting well. On Tuesday’s 4/9/19 game against the Braves, they were hitting .219/.283/.350, which is 25th in the MLB. They have been also striking out way more (24.3%) and walking less (7.6%) than the league average (22.9% and 9.4%).       

This is just the beginning of the season for the Rockies but it will take a while to recover their players and be good to go. Hopefully, this Colorado team avoids all potential damages for the rest of the season!