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Things to do in the Summer

May 20, 2019

The school year is coming to an end, and everyone likes to have fun in the summer. It’s time to finally relax. There are many activities to do, and places to go. Here are some fun things to do if you get bored over break.

  1. Swim: Almost everyone likes to go swimming. With summer’s scorching temperatures, swimming is a great way to cool off and also enjoy your day. There are many places to go swimming such as the pool, lake, or if you happen to go on vacation, there is always the beach!

    Utah Indoor Pool located in Aurora, Colorado.

  2. Go to the park: As basic as it sounds, if you want an easy way to have fun outside, go to your nearest park and relax.  You could read a book, take a walk, and get some fresh air.

    Washington Park located in South Central Denver.

  3. Go camping:  Camping is another way to enjoy the great outdoors and a lot of people don’t usually go camping. Maybe you might just enjoy it so much that it becomes a regular activity for you.There a many things to do while camping like hiking, taking a walk, etc.. Here are some places to check out if you do decide to try out camping:

    Sunset in Maroon Bells located in Aspen, Colorado.

  4. Get a job: The older you get, eventually it will be time to start making money. There are many options to choose from  and you will have something to do constantly. Searching online is a great way to get ideas about what you might like to do, or even apply:;jobs#fpstate=tldetail&htidocid=1IpaiEgyq3sSIwvBAAAAAA%3D%3D&htivrt=jobs
  5. Cook and Bake: It might not be everyone’s favorite, but you won’t know until you try it. Who doesn’t love eating, and maybe you could find a new hobby. Besides, it’s a great way to have a fun day or pass time, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. When it comes to food, the recipes are endless.

    Summer Cake Recipe: BBCGoodFood


Whatever you end up doing over your summer is up to you, these are just some suggestions to spice things up when you get bored. Enjoy your break!

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