Champions of Kindness

Lotus holds "Mind of a Champion" Assembly with Chris Natzke


Master Natzke presenting on the importance of mindset.

Samuel Zamarron, News Reporter

 October is National Bullying Prevention month. It’s time to spread some kindness all over the school!

To get everyone in the right mindset, Lotus held a “kindness assembly” lead by guest speaker, Master Chris Natzke. Master Natzke is a 7th degree black belt master/instructor. He has been studying and teaching martial arts for over 40 years. One of his most dedicated students is actually our very own Mr. Svoboda, who is a 5th degree black belt. 

During his presentation titled, “Mind of a Champion,” Natzke highlighted some important things about mindset, including focusing on the positive and other strategies for success in life. 

The assembly also featured many inspiring anecdotes about people who have made a difference in their communities by mastering their mindsets. Master Natzke believes that every single person has a champion inside of them that they just need to unlock. 

During the presentation, Master Natzke reinforced his ideas with lessons from Martial Arts, and even did some self-defense tutorials that students could follow along with.


At the end of the presentation, Master Natzke ended with a challenge to all Lotus students. He challenged everyone to do a random act of kindness everyday for the next week.

He believes that one act of kindness will cause a ripple effect and make tangible change to our school culture.

Have you accepted the kindness challenge? Let us know in the comments what random acts of kindness you have performed or witnessed this week!