Mario Kart Mania!


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Mario Kart took the world of mobile gaming by storm. 

With over a million downloads on its launch day, this app has been trending! Although there are different thoughts and opinions on the new game, many have lost interest within the last few weeks.

Most gamers play Mario Kart with the nostalgia of turning the Wii Remote like a wheel, which doesn’t apply on mobile.  Although the option of tilting the phone exists, most do not prefer it.

As mentioned, this app had many downloads on its release day. Amongst those millions are some Lotus students. Suhayb and Nabil Hassan, two sophomores who attend Lotus, have played this game during its launch week. They gave their honest opinions on it as well.

When asked about how they were alerted, both have turned to their Snapchat friends posting stories about destroying one another in this game. They were equally excited, especially since Nabil had Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS. 

Due to the game “not living up to the high expectations it commanded,”both students have recently deleted the app.

“I’ll only download it again if the game receives an update,” says Suhayb.

“I didn’t really like the game. Besides, I think the hype will definitely die out,” stated Nabil.

Due to its recent launch, the game will most probably take peoples’ opinions to account and improve certain things.

Whether you like it or not depends on your interest in games. Hopefully, Mario Kart will live on with new updates and improved settings that will get everyone’s attention and excitement back.