Juniors Given New Privileges


Vicky Mendez

Juniors are now able to leave campus for lunch!

During the month of August 2019, Juniors were granted new privileges for off-campus lunch. Before the change, Seniors were the only ones allowed to leave the school campus during lunch.

Many of the upperclassmen were growing tired of school lunch and wanted to go off campus to have a better selection for food. After years of off-campus lunch being only for seniors, the administration decided to extend this benefit for the juniors this year as well.

The idea was introduced to the school by Layla Haji and her friends who are Juniors attending Lotus. Layla said that she and some of her friends thought that the juniors deserve an immense change. She stated, “I think it’s brilliant that juniors are allowed to leave off campus because it’s a privilege that other schools have. We talked to Mr. Hecker and understood our limitations and how it can be taken away from us.” She added, “I think this is a step forward for Lotus because we’re becoming less of whatever it was three years ago, and more of a regular high school.”

 Mr. Scobee, the Secondary Social Studies Teacher, also believes this change is beneficial for Juniors. When asked about why he thought Juniors should be allowed to go out for lunch, he explained, “We give freedom to the upperclassmen. We already know the Seniors get open campus, but also allowing the Juniors is going to give them a sense of freedom and independence. I do think they’re trustworthy enough to go out by themselves.”

Many juniors are seizing these opportunities and handling them responsibly, which gives underclassmen hope that they will get to explore these privileges for themselves shortly.