Middle School Flag Football Has Big Dreams This Year


Yearbook Staff

This year, our Lotus Flag Football team started the season off with four incredible wins. Last year, our team won the championship. Now they want to go above and beyond and make this year count. With their improved character and skills this year, our team will surely do their best to ensure their spot in the finals benefits our school.

Coach Chris, the head coach of the team, commented on their athleticism and gave us an insight into this year. He said, “Although we are still getting to know the plays, our team can use their athleticism to improve throughout this year.” He added, “We have a long way to go.” 

This year’s team wants to focus more on flag pulling, staying on task and making sure the quarterback works on pressure players are under during games.

Some people still believe that there is still a gap when it comes to the social differences of gender in sports, but  Coach Chris believes that we have come along way and can put an end to this. He says, “For the last three I have witnessed more and more girls joining this sport. We can encourage more girls to start playing the sport and defeat the idea that football was meant ‘for boys only.”

Kidus Kabede, 7th grade, practicing defensive skills.

Kidus Kebede, one of the star members of the team, has encouraged his team by making sure that everybody can make it to games and practice on time. He ensures that everyone does their very best and stays focused during games so they can reach their ultimate goal: to be champions. Kidus works well alongside other players who need help especially during games. He guides his teammates and motivates them to give it their all.

All of their success and determination will show up when they take that beautiful trophy home that is  just waiting for them at the end of this journey. 

In the end, this year will surely be an exciting one. Could our team win back to back?

Mr. Chris leads a team huddle.