Boys Varsity Soccer Did It Again!

The Varsity Soccer Team Made it to the Playoffs!


Yearbook Staff

The fall sports season at Lotus was one for the books! The Lotus Varsity Boys Soccer team worked hard during their off-season to make this year count. The team came up from all of their downfalls in order to hone their skills and communicate to make this year the best one they have ever had. This year our team has so many plans for the future and making their first appearance in the Championships. 

 The spot for playoffs is the least of their worries. Making it to championships, however, is their main goal this year. In order to make that dream a reality, our team must polish up on their skills and their communication. 

If you know anything about Lotus soccer then you must know the senior, Mahad Haji. He was picked for leading goals out of the all of the 2A Colorado Schools last year. He became an exceptional player during his high school years. Being the team captain, he makes it his job to communicate effectively with players, help sort out confusion during plays, and motivate the team into getting more victories. He wants to lead this team to victory unlike anyone else. 

He stated, “I want to make this year count. This is my final year in high school but I will keep my legacy going. This is just the beginning of a new athletic season.”

Fuad Dada has been coaching at Lotus for the past three years. Leading the Middle School Soccer team to victory during their season, he believes that the Varsity boys can do the same. He highlights all of your strengths and weaknesses. If you just started off playing sports then he will guide you. He will use up all of your defensive and physical skills.So far, our team is leading with seven amazing wins. 

He said, “I want to lead this team to victory. They are a wonderful bunch and hopefully, we make it to Championships.”

 Kidus Begashaw, a tremendous athlete, is another team captain. He helps assist, scores goals during crucial moments, and motivate the team when it is needed. Some of the players joined the track team to enhance their skills. A few of the players consist of Adani Hassan, Kidus Begashaw, Nuradean Sado, and Yosef Yohhanes. 

Even though the season has just started, our players have a long way to go. Let’s hope our Varsity Boys Soccer team makes their dreams a reality.