What’s With the Traffic?!

Safety concerns have arisen due to heavy traffic.


Vicky Mendez

Walking is sometimes the best way to avoid traffic

Maab Taha, News Reporter

The typical weekday at Lotus starts around 7:30 AM when a sudden wave of cars driven by parents, students, and siblings come to school to drop off their students.

The busy street of Alameda is  jam-packed with cars as people try to get to their destinations. Due to all of this heavy traffic, car accidents occur frequently in the area. Students who travel to and from school and cross this intersection put their safety in jeopardy, which is why Lotus has to make changes in the way that traffic is handled to make it a suitable and safe environment for everyone.

A few weeks ago, there was a collision in the intersection right outside of Lotus’s parking lot. Ms. Hall, the elementary CLDE teacher, said that a friend of hers was involved in the accident. She said that “the accident happened because children were crossing the crosswalk during a yellow light because it’s so busy and everyone is trying to leave at one time. My friend was slowing down and looking at the kids to make sure he didn’t hit the kids who were crossing. Because there was so much traffic, the cars had actually stopped in the middle of the road, and so he ran into those cars.” Luckily, no one was severely injured, but the cars were damaged.

To make Lotus safer, traffic cones and other detours have been added to direct traffic in a safer manner. More changes are going to be made and more signs are to be added. 

Mr. Durmus, the high school principal, said, “since there is a trail wide on the left side of the exit of the campus, they are willing to add another traffic light on the east entrance of the campus. Then our school will be a lot safer.” He also claimed that although the amount of people on duty has been increased, it would be helpful if there were more volunteers.

We, the Lotus community, could also help make the traffic better by being careful and following the rules and regulations.