Celebrando La Cultura Latina En Lotus

Celebrating Latin Culture at Lotus


Hafsa Hassan

The dance at Noche Latina

Noche Latina, or Latin Night, is an event held every year by Mrs. Rangel and her Spanish students. The event is a time for people to come together to celebrate Latino culture.

Last year Noche Latina was held in the auditorium, and instead of having food, we had Mexican candy, but, this year it was different. The event was held in the gym and many students brought cultural dishes to share. The gym was beautifully decorated with colorful Papel Picado and paper flowers. Each table had iconic Latino figures including pop singer Selena, artist Frida Kahlo, and many other inspiring individuals. The gym was blaring with Spanish music including El Caballo Dorado and El Payaso de Rodeo. Students from all backgrounds couldn’t help but get up and dance to the exciting rhythm. 


“The decorations were nice. I especially liked the big flowers on the cafeteria railing. I also liked how at every table they had Hispanic figures,” Ronit L, 9th.

 At Noche Latina, we don’t just celebrate Mexico, we celebrate all Latin cultures like El Salvador, Honduras, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, and many other countries that our students and their parents hail from. 

Lotus has had Noche Latina for the past 6 years. The beautiful thing about the event is that students, staff, and parents from all cultures come to support this event and participate in the culture. 

The highlight of the event every year is performances of Folklórico, folkloric, dances. The performers act out beautiful stories of love and jealousy in their dance moves. The girls wear beautiful, bright-colored dresses and the boys wear ornate sombreros and cowboy boots.


Unfortunately, the dancers were interrupted due to concerns with the gym floor. As you may know, we recently installed hardwood floor in our gym. There were concerns that the stomping of the dancers might scratch or dent the floor, so they had to be moved on to the cafeteria stage.

“I really enjoyed the dancers. What I didn’t like was when they had to move to the cafeteria, but overall it was amazing,” said 6th grader, Kevin P.

Looking around the event, it was clear that everyone was enjoying the atmosphere. People from all different backgrounds came together and it was a beautiful representation of our diverse community at Lotus.

Ms. Rangel proudly said,  “I enjoyed everything about it!”