New Grading System Gives Students More Chances for Success

Last year, Mr. Hecker and Mr. Durmus announced that the upcoming year (2019-2020), the grading system would be changed.

For many years, Lotus students have questioned why there has never been a D on the grading scale. In the past years, if a student got below a C- (70%), they would automatically fail. This caused many students to fail and take summer classes in order to make up for the credit they need.

Changing the grading system was a very big decision for staff and administration at Lotus. “In schools, it is important to meet the expectations of the school community consisting of the administration, teachers, counselors, students, and parents. Changing the grading system was a common expectation from each of the parties here at Lotus and that’s why we did it,” said Mr. Durmus.

Many students verbalized their concerns about the grading system from the past years. Staff members listened to what students were saying and they all came to the decision that it needed to change.

Carlos Antillon, a sophomore at Lotus, was asked about his thoughts on the new grading system. His response was, “I think it’s a good idea for students because it gives them a better chance of having a passing grade.” 

Changing the system proves that the administration and teachers listen to their students and do their best to make sure every student is comfortable in their environment.