LSE’s Environmental club members are working hard to fight for the environment. (Emily Mendoza)
LSE’s Environmental club members are working hard to fight for the environment.

Emily Mendoza

Students Work Together to do Their Part for the Environment

November 12, 2019

There is a new face at Lotus who’s making a big change for our community.

Mr. Pang, the new secondary Environmental Science teacher is running the Environmental Club. He is proud of the club’s progress so far and believes there is “big potential for the environmental club.” Mr. Pang dreams of expanding the Environmental Club. Although the club is relatively new, he believes that they can accomplish a lot over the course of the school year.

Emily Mendoza
Club members discuss ways to improve Lotus’s impact on protecting and preserving the environment.

Mr. Pang and Ms. Baysden, the secondary Biology teacher, will be working hard throughout the year to expand the club and make new projects. They are excited to see what the students are going to do for the community and listen to their creative ideas.  

Michelle Torres, a senior at Lotus and the creator/leader of the club, said, “I wanted to start the club because I saw there was no organization that was dedicated to helping the environment in our community, so instead of waiting for someone to do something, I took leadership myself. The environment is our home and we should take care of it.”

The club has made some great accomplishments. One of these accomplishments is “providing recycling bins throughout the whole school and letting students and staff know that recycling is done in our school,” says Michelle. Now more students pay attention to what they are throwing in the recycling bin!

Thanks to the Environmental club’s efforts large Recycling bins have been added to classrooms to prioritize recycling.

When asked about the goals the club is trying to accomplish this year, Michelle said, “our club is trying to solve an issue with the bathroom toilets, which we believe is not conserving water. We are also trying to provide more community services to Lotus by picking up trash around the school. This spring we are also planning to have a project on the pond.”

We, as a community, could make Lotus a better place for learning. Just doing little things like recycling paper or picking up trash (even if you’re not responsible for it), contributes to making our school a better, safer, and more suitable environment for learning.

Michelle believes that “this club is going to make some big changes because we are thriving to make Lotus more eco-friendly, and we won’t stop until we know that Lotus is improving our environment instead of discouraging its growth.”


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  1. baidhani Nooralhuda on November 13th, 2019 2:28 pm

    Great article wish 10/10 Should collab

  2. Ms. Martin on November 13th, 2019 3:56 pm

    Our students take such great initiative. Proud of you all, thank you for your efforts!

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