Student Council is Now an Elective

In previous years, Student Council was an after-school club. It is now a class offered for students with leadership skills.

Nabil Hassan, News Reporter

This year, student council is an elective led by Ms. Baysden. In student council, they plan and hold fundraisers for events. Now that student council is an elective, student council members have more time to plan these fun events! 

This year, Ms.Baysden wants to accomplish “a sustainable elementary coordination program and to initiate school improvement.” Student council is very important to students at Lotus. It allows them to express their interest and lead student-driven projects and events such as Spirit Week, pep rallies, and school dances.

Student council is an amazing class and is here to help the school and environment. For students interested in being a part of this amazing class, you do have to meet some requirements. The class is meant for students who are proactive and willing to put in the commitment. Abel Goytom, a member of student council, said, “The best way to get ready for student council is having leadership and amazing communication skills.”