Lotus Journalists Invited to Todrick Hall’s Haus Party World Tour


Sophomore Ollie Carr posing with Todrick Hall after meeting him at his show, Haus Party.

Todrick Hall, YouTuber, choreographer, Broadway star, and singer, is a multi talented LGBTQ+ advocate with 700 Million views on his YouTube channel and 3.41 million subscribers.  He brought his show “Haus Party” to Colorado on October 30th.

I, Ollie Carr, and my editor, Julia Mendez, were given press passes to attend the show after reaching out when seeing a post on Todrick’s Instagram inviting student reporters. We were thrilled to be given this opportunity and that Todrick intentionally supported student journalists. 

A performance filled with great choreography and captivating visuals, the show was a stunning display of artistry. During the show, Todrick performed many songs that brought out the party in the audience, including “Y.A.S”, “Attention”, and “Dripeesha.” He also included songs from his previous albums like, “No Place Like Home,” and “Color.” 

Julia Mendez

Over the last five years, Todrick Hall has been going on tour across the country, spreading the word for inclusion and love. Haus Party is truly an anthem for those that don’t always have the privilege to be their true selves, celebrating the beautiful differences and individuality of all people. The album is uplifting and powerful. 

Julia Mendez

Being a black man apart of the LGBTQ+ community, Todrick faced many difficulties with intolerance and prejudice. Advocating for self love, his inspiring messages are what makes his audience love him beyond the music. In songs like “F*g,” he talks about how he came up from the depths of failure to become the successful person he is now.

In songs like, “Amen,” he talks about overcoming some of the social pressures to change who you really are. In the song he says, “Come, just as you are, sir/ You don’t need to be altered/ So come, come to the altar…Love, love ain’t a choice here.” He advocates for those who have been told they are not welcome to be who they are. 

The whole night was a beautiful celebration of love and we are so honored that we were able to experience the magic of Todrick Hall’s Haus Tour.

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