The Day of the Dead

Vicky Mendez

Dede Kpadenou, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

October 30th to November 2nd was Dia De Los Muertos!

The Day of The Dead is a holiday celebrated throughout all of Latin America. Being a holiday that commemorates the death of loved ones, this holiday is animated in Latin culture because the living feel as if the dead would be insulted if they were mourned over. Instead, people celebrate them!

To welcome the deceased from their journeys back to the land of the living, family members make ofrendas. Ofrendas are collections of objects and pictures placed on a ritualistic display. Decorated with marigold and filling the altars with plenty of food and drink, it is believed that the weary spirits will enjoy the food and drink after going through a long journey back to the living.

This is an ofrenda for the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Pictures, marigolds, and foods are all provided.

Ashley Izaguirre is a seventh grade student who has had experience celebrating this special day. “To me, Day of The Dead means celebrating the deceased and celebrating what they’ve done in life. I’m not sure if we’re celebrating this year, but before, we’d put my grandpa on the ofrenda.” 

Day of The Dead is a holiday that means a lot to many people. The reason for that is because of the celebration of the deceased. To some, remembering passed family members is important in order to keep their legacy alive. No one wants to be forgotten after they pass, and this holiday ensures that deceased family members are honored and remembered.