Taking a Stand for School Safety

Lotus is currently working on improving the security measures to ensure student safety.


Valeria Davila

New gates were added to strengthen school safety.

Nooralhuda Baidhani, News Reporter

An interview on October 25th, 2019 with Mr. Hecker, the Executive Director, revealed that Lotus is working on advancing its current security. 

School safety has been a controversial topic that has been brought up more and more in the past several years as school shootings have become more prevalent. Schools throughout the country have been doing everything in their power to keep their schools safe, however, there is still debate over which measures should be taken. Lotus is doing its part to ensure that our school is as safe as possible. 

When asked about his opinions on school safety, Mr. Hecker stated, “I’m looking for an SRO [School Resource Officer] for us for full-time. I’d like the person to be a really integral part of the school that helps us with, not just the terrible things that we’re on the alert for… [but also] to inform some students about the things that matter: you guys. The thing is, we have after duty police officers, but they rotate, so it’s not the same person. It would be nice if we’d have the same person, not different people.”

The doors and locks were also updated for increased safety.

Mr. Hecker remarked on how all of the different factors that must be considered with school safety. He said, “People come and go, there are multiple exits, so it’s really hard. However, it is something we take super seriously. So yes, I think we can do more for safety by keeping our doors locked, using the sign-in and sign-out procedures and practicing our drills more.”

Using the Lobby Guard system allows us to see who has signed in and out of the building.

He later added, “I wish there was legislation that would be enacted to help us pay for these things…It’s about being able to go to different sources to see if they can help us with some security things. The SRO, it’s expensive for the year. It would be nice to have some money to help us pay for things like security cameras and SRO.”

Students should absolutely feel safe at school as they spend an average of 1,000 hours per year there. There are several ways that schools can make students feel safer coming to school every day. These ways include establishing clear school policies, strengthening goals, and familiarizing students regarding what to do if something were occurring around the school–which are all things Lotus has been implementing this year.