Another Lotus Record Broken


Vicky Mendez

LSE meteors

Our Varsity Volleyball team has doubled yet another record with one of the highest winnings Lotus has ever gotten. Practicing non-stop during their off-season made a tremendous impact on the season.

If you ever follow Lotus sports, then you must know Salem Scobee. Salem is an all-time champion in wrestling and the captain of the volleyball team. Salem was very proud of her team.

“I was so happy that I made a long-lasting impact in my last year of high school. We broke the school record and we are in it to win it.” 

Vicky Mendez
Varsity going into their defensive positions

Coach Eleni has been coaching for Lotus for almost two years now. She has been working with new faces and skills all throughout her years. She remarked on the determination these young athletes showed and is expecting more from them in the upcoming years. “These girls were always determined to practice and play that asking much from them wasn’t even a problem. I hope we progress the upcoming years and win a championship or make it to playoffs,” she said.

She has pushed her team to stay motivated and told them to stay determined. Practicing was a key factor for their incredible season this year. You know what they say, practice makes perfect!

Citlaly Guzman, a junior, has been playing volleyball for some time now, but this was her first year playing for Lotus. She said, “Although, this was my first time playing on the Lotus team I feel like we did better than what was expected.”

Citlaly Guzman overhand serving the ball

Hlina Kahsai, a freshman, was surprised by how many games she played compared to her middle school years. Adjusting to the change, however, wasn’t that hard; in fact, she loved that she could improve her skill range. She stated, “This year was different, but I loved the change! It helped me realize my potential and allowed me to improve drastically.”

This is just the beginning of record-breakers at Lotus.