Canelo vs Kovalev


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 The fight on November 2, 2019 was unforgettable! Spectators gathered at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Paradise, Nevada to witness the fight unfold between Canelo and Kovalev, the defending WBO light heavyweight champion. Making history Canelo knocked out the 36 yr old Russian boxer in the 11th round with a right hook to the face, making history as the 25th four-division World Champion.

Before the fight commenced, the roaring cheers from the fans, the pounding sounds of boxing gloves, and stomping on the mats helped the fighters feel motivated to win the title. 

Right off the bat, Canelo had a huge disadvantage, with Kovalev’s height and reaching range, but he wasn’t going to back down anytime soon. Kovalev was checking Canelo out and was just jabbing in the first round. Having to fight around his defenses, Canelo held his ground and sought to work at his body. Being the smaller opponent Canelo clearly had the advantage of working low. 

In the second round, Canelo found a way to overcome his defenses starting to hit hard at his body. Kovalev showed no sign in slowing down but the difference in opponents showed, when Canelo threw the better punches. Throwing punches bigger and heavier than Kovalev, Canelo was eating away at Kovalev’s defense and knocking him down.

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Fast forward a couple of rounds, Canelo closed up on Kovalev during the 7th round. Although, Kovalev wasn’t beat hitting Canelo with a left hook to the face. 

 The 11th round came shortly, marking the turning point of the match.  Canelo wanting to finish hard and end the match, changed his game plan. Moving faster, crushing his opponent’s barrier, and knocking Kovalev off balance helped Canelo set up an opening to score the knockout punch. Canelo finished off the fight with a powerful right hook to the head. 

This marked the end of the fight, the title of the new WBO lightweight champion, and Canelo as the four-division world champion.