Erick Eats: November Edition

This month I tried Middle Eastern cuisine at Amira Grill in Denver.

Ms. Khadija

 Welcome back to the second issue of  “Erick Eats.” I’m Erick, a freshman who loves to eat. In this edition, I will be looking into a recommended restaurant called “Amira Grill,”  Located at 4101 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80222. 

This food review is different. With this one, most of the Arts and Entertainment team and I went to go try it together.

Everything about this place felt really different compared to other restaurants. For example, if you were to go to Red Robin, you’re taken to where you’ll sit and then given menus. At Amira Grill, you choose where you sit. You also have to get your own menus at a front counter where you then order your food there. Similarly, like buying food from a convenience store, instead of traditionally ordering drinks from the menu, there are fridges where you select your own drinks to take back to your table. Those refrigerators all had a variety of cold drinks, ready to be opened. Most of those drinks were sodas and other juices. 


Dede stated that, “ the atmosphere was unfamiliar. When the waitress spoke to us, I felt like we were bothering her.” The place had obviously had a certain culture tied to it. Although they still welcomed newcomers. “We just felt like outsiders.” 

I had ordered the kabob sandwich, the sandwich tasted great with the hot sauce. As I bit into it, it felt very new and refreshing, with a tortilla that tasted like Chipotle’s. Alex chose a cheese pizza with fries, his pizza had been very cheesy. Thick layers of mozzarella melting on the bread captivated the taste of the other ingredients. Dede ordered a kabob plate, which was a large dish. We were all satisfied. One problem we all had is when we ate the meat, it had been very chewy and had been a bit over seasoned. 

Amira Grill happens to be a favorite of several teachers at Lotus including Ms. Khadija, Ms. Cashin, and Ms. Martin.

Overall, Amira Grill was a great place to eat. Having many different dishes to try, the diversity is interesting. Trying new foods is always a fun experience, and being able to experience this with the A&E team was even more fun! Leave some suggestions for other restaurants to try! Stay tuned for next month’s Erick Eats.