Lotus Superstars: Mahad Haji

This year, the journalism team is starting a series where we acknowledge exceptional students. This series will be called Lotus Superstars. We will pick students based on exceptional achievements in academics, athletics, the arts, etc.

This month’s Superstar is Mahad Haji. Mahad is a well known senior and soccer player here at Lotus. We chose him because of his role in helping his team go to the playoffs two consecutive years. He shattered records in our school and put our school on the map. He scored a whopping 22 goals and 14 assists this year. For three straight years, he has been nominated for the First-Team All-Conference. 

Mahad has numerous athletic and academic accomplishments. Mahad has been a member of the National Honors Society for two years now. As Mrs. Chol said, “ Mahad contributes in all the National Honor Society meetings and demonstrates what a good leader should be.” 

Not only is he great individually, but he is also a great leader as his teammate, sophomore Nabil Hassan, said, “ Mahad is a hard worker, which inspires his teammates to work hard as well.” Coach Jack said, “You need to hustle, work hard, and be like Mahad. Hajism is a real thing.¨

As a senior Mahad will graduate this year, and he is hoping to attend a four-year college. He hasn´t decided on a college yet but hopes to play soccer in a D2 or D1 college nearby.

Mahad will continue to be a legend here at Lotus.