New STEM elective


Hafsa Hassan

Stem students proudly completed their project

Lotus has recently added STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as an elective for Secondary and High school students. This new elective will help students prepare for the future, especially college.

Osman Abdella, a Middle School student who’s currently taking STEM believes that “adding this program to the school was a good idea since the school is kind of already based on STEM.”

STEM is necessary because it permeates every part of our lives. Science is everywhere around us in the world, and it will continue to expand over the years while technology is rapidly developing and improving the world and our daily lives.

The student also added, “I like this elective because there’s a lot of fun activities you can do here and you can meet new people.” 

Vicky Mendez

Mr. Katmer, the teacher in charge of the STEM elective stated, “STEM is a beneficial addition to our school. Students get to build and design projects and then apply that to real-life situations.” He also said, “students are engaged and they work very well in groups.”

Jonathan D., a student also taking STEM as an elective says, “It’s pretty fun! Kids work in groups and they do a lot of research. They then  have to come up with an idea so that they can build, test, and revise their models.” When asked if STEM is good for the school, Jonathan said, “Yeah, it can easily make it so that our grades look better… It gives a chance to think in a more creative way, rather than just having basic class time, we are thinking about the project. ” He added, “STEM has helped in every aspect of school so far, like how to utilize skills in between classes.”

Many students and teachers are excited about this elective. Some view this as an opportunity to improve and acquire new information about the world surrounding them, while others know someone that is currently attending the program and are eager to see how far they’ll grow. 

Hafsa Hassan