Mr. Chris helps students plan for the future

Maab Taha, News Reporter

As many of you may know, Mr. Chris has recently been promoted to the College and Career Adviser.

Mr. Chris has been a member of the Lotus community for five years now. He started working at Lotus as a substitute teacher before being hired as the Librarian. From there, he became Assistant Testing Coordinator and Online Course Coordinator, working to organize standardized testing and supervise students enrolled in online classes. 

Mr. Chris has a lot of experience with the college acceptance process, making him a natural candidate for the position. During his time in college he worked in his school’s registrar and cashier offices. This experience gave him an understanding of the application process including the financial side of higher education.


Valeria Davila


As the adviser, Mr. Chris helps high school students get ready for the things they want to do after high school. Since this is his first year as a College and Career Adviser, he pays more attention to the seniors than the other grades.

 “I’m focusing more on the seniors and juniors, but once I get everything situated with the upperclassmen, I will be able to work with the freshmen and sophomores,” he said. 

His new position allows him to form a bond with his students. He said, “I feel like this year I am a lot closer to the seniors because I get to actually work and communicate with them more. Last year, they were here for study hall or online courses that they would be working on, and if they had questions or they needed any help, then we would talk. But if they didn’t need any help, they would just be in the library. I feel like this is a more personal relationship because I get to know the students better on a one-on-one level.”

Mr. Chris’s goal is to help students figure out their future careers and/or majors and make sure they are prepared for what’s going to come after graduation.

He said, “My goal is pretty much to get all of my students prepared for whatever it may be after high school even if it doesn’t involve college or you want to go to a trade school, join the military, etc.”

Abelardo Sanchez, Mayra Cortez, and Mariam Mhareb are seniors who are very happy with the new adviser. They said that they feel comfortable talking about their passions with Mr. Chris. The advice he gives is based on his own experience as a “lost college student,” which helps him relate to students who are feeling overwhelmed with these important decisions about their futures. 

“Mr. Chris is okay with us going to trade schools and community colleges. We don’t have to feel bad about going,” said Abelardo.

Overall, the Seniors are enjoying their last year with Mr. Chris as their mentor and are happy with his promotion to the College and Career Adviser.