Crackdown on Uniforms


Valeria Davila

Mr. Williams holding up a thumbs up and thumbs down for sophomores Noor Baidhani and Yosef Yohhanes's uniform choices. Yosef is violating dress code because of his non-Lotus, multi-colored jacket.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably noticed the recent crackdown on the uniforms of students in high school and middle school. 

This crackdown came out of nowhere for a lot of students. Students in violation of the dress code were called out of class to talk about the school’s policies. Since then, admin and teachers have been watching closely to enforce school policy. Students who are not in the dress code are sent to Mr. William’s office.

Although some students were surprised, they made the change quickly and have been in the dress code every day, with a few exceptions here and there. Mr. Williams said, “The students have been fantastic and we’ve been very pleased by the number of students abiding by our policy.”  

Lotus has the most lenient dress code of the charters in the area. The dress code for secondary is just a polo in the color representative of your grade (black for high school and blue for middle school), and pants of any kind without tears. High school student Abigail Rodriguez Torres says, “The uniform is okay, but people who have words or logos across their shirt should be allowed in the uniform.”

Since Fridays are spirit days, students are also allowed to wear any Lotus gear.  Many students enjoy this including Thiago Figueroa Zeballos a sophomore who said he participates in and enjoys spirit-Fridays.