Basketball boys warming up for practice (Hafsa Hassan)
Basketball boys warming up for practice

Hafsa Hassan

Winter sports are back with a bang

Winter is here, and, despite the blistering cold, Lotus athletics is heating up!

December 4, 2019

The first week of December officially kicked off the winter sports season. Players and coaches were eager to show off during their first game of the season. Preparing during the off-season and filling in any of the grey areas, helped them improve drastically from last year’s performance.

Cheer and Basketball had an outstanding performance on December 4th, 2019. Taking home a big win highlighted the Basketball teams’ strengths and weaknesses.

Wrestling will have their first tournament this upcoming Saturday, December 7th,2019.

This year, our coaches were extremely excited to work with new faces and are setting their expectations higher than ever before. 

Middle and high school Cheer, basketball, and wrestling are preparing for their games and matches in the coming months. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing players and coaches about some key aspects of this season and here are their thoughts.

Do you think the JV Boys Basketball team have potential this year?

Coach Chris:  “The team does have potential and are willing to work hard. I want to make it a goal for the team to play unselfishly so that one doesn’t think they’re better than their teammates, playing more effectively, and overall creating a small brotherhood.”

 What are your expectations during the new season and what is your main goal?

Ms. McClelland: “Hopefully we beat our school record this year. Polishing up on our skills and paying attention to details will help us win big this year. ”

How do you feel about joining wrestling your last year of high school and do you have any long term goals for this year?

Mohamad Abd Al Elah: “It was one of the best sports and it’s a way you can focus all of your thoughts and emotions onto the mat. I wish to make it to state champions, if not more.”

Did you think the Cheer team performed the way you wanted?

Mrs. Bauer: “For their first game, they performed really well but we will certainly get better at running out and organizing ourselves during stunning and paralleling our voice so the crowd can hear us.”

Don’t forget to come out and show our Lotus athletes some support during the Winter Season!  You can start by supporting the Wrestling team this weekend at Arapahoe High School at 11:00 pm. 


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  1. salem on December 9th, 2019 9:51 am

    Winter season is the best! Lotus is coming up!!

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