New phrase sweeping the internet

The Baby Boomer generation is being called out on social media using the phrase, "Ok, Boomer," causing much debate.

“Ok, Boomer” is the catchphrase spreading like wildfire throughout younger generations. The phrase is being used to dismiss and mock so-called stereotypical ideas that are brought up by the Baby Boomer generation. It seems to have originated from a video of a New Zealand Lawmaker who shutdown a heckler who commented on her age

After much hype surrounding this phrase, it has now become a powerful rhetorical weapon used by Millenials who have different perspectives than some members of the Baby Boomer generation, and who feel older generations have failed to consider younger generations in decisions around climate change and the economy. 

Despite having started on Twitter, the meme has now spread beyond the internet. According to an article called “Hey, Snowflake, Don’t Ok, Boomer Me At Work,” many Boomers are wary that the phrase will make its way into the workplace and have been citing the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. This law states that they are protected from harassment and discrimination based on their age. 

“I think that anybody who has an issue with being called a Boomer needs to re-assess their priorities. It’s funny. Learn how to take a joke,” says senior Salem Scobee when asked if she finds the meme disrespectful.

“The generation who loves calling Millennials thin-skinned snowflakes sure do hate being referred to by the thing they’ve been calling themselves for 60 years,” says Jennifer Wright, American Author and Journalist. The term has sparked much debate on Twitter and other social media platforms.

What do you think about the issue?