Lotus wrestlers defeat opponents and each other

The Wrestling season is off to a strong start with Lotus athletes taking a win at their first tournament last Saturday and showing off their incredible skills against each other at the inter-duel squad duel on Tuesday, December 10.

LSE Girls Wrestling took the tournament at Arapahoe High School by storm. 

Hearing the chanting of the crowd, the pounding of feet, and the referee’s thunderous whistle our Lotus Wrestling team were more than ready. Preparing during their off season, our team has come a long way and have demonstrated their athleticism and skill during the tournament. 

During the tournament our reigning champion, Salem Scobee placed 4th, managing to win 3 of her 5 matches. She was able to weaken the opponents’ defenses and take them down. Her main tip is to think that the most important thing while wrestling is to have technique while playing and to focus during practice.

She said, “Just focus on winning because it feels good to win your matches.”

The Boys Wrestling team has yet to compete, but watching the tournament gave them an opportunity to analyze different techniques. This year, our school hosted an inter-squad duel. Giving our athletes a chance to show out during their friendly match.  

Ridwan Mohamud, a new wrestler, was very excited for the tournament. He stated, “The competition was very hyped, one thing is that we need to get stronger if we want to beat the opponent.” 

Mohamad Abd Al Elah, “Overall our level of teamwork was improved. It was a fun competition.”

Ashley Asumadu, “It was a friendly competition among teammates. Things weren’t taken to heart because we were able to laugh it off and talk about things we need to improve upon.” 

Their next match is this weekend and their next duel is on January 15, 2020. This will be an exciting year for the Wrestling team and the starting point for this year winter sports. Support the Lotus Meteor.