Feminist Movement in Mexico


Yaz Rivera

Feminism is a worldwide movement that is focused on women’s rights and gender equality. Just like the US, Mexico is having a large push for a change that is leading to an uproar in the country.

The expulsion of a patron for breastfeeding in a museum caused the first protests, as hundreds of women flooded the streets fighting for their rights. According to an article by Monica Castillo, many women felt indignant that the museum could display statues and art featuring topless women, but a woman could not feed her child there. 

The protests started cropping up in other parts of Mexico City. Protesters covered the Angel of Independence monument in hearts and pink and purple graffiti. This increased tension spread across the country, building stress and pressure within communities.

Ryan Mallett-Outtrim

Allegations of rape of minors by officers have also appeared in Mexico. Protesters poured glitter on Mexico City’s security minister, starting what is now being referred to as the Mexican Glitter Revolution.

With hateful comments being thrown, one protester, Ms. Buendia says, “They call us vandals, I call it dignified rage.” 

Feminism is a big topic that everyone is affected by in every country. Esra Hima, a freshman at Lotus says, “Feminism means empowerment to me.” When asked whether or not she would participate in protests if they happen here, she said, “I would take part in the protest if it is safe for people to be there presently, because most protests end with violence. I would proudly take part in a protest and hopefully, it will end in the better side of things and with what I stand for morally.” 

With all the pushes for women’s rights, the community is waiting to see if the Mexican government will make a change or if the feminism movement will lead to national outrage.