LSE’s first male cheerleader

December 11, 2019

For the first time in Lotus history we have a male cheerleader!

Over the past few months, the cheer team has been looking for cheerleaders male and female.  Gabriel, who has played soccer for the summer/fall seasons the past few years, realized he didn’t have a winter sport. Mrs. Bauer suggested he join cheer and, because Gabriel likes to try new experiences, he decided to try it out.

“I have never considered being a part of a cheer team, let alone one at Lotus; however, I was pretty surprised at how welcoming everyone was at the idea of a male cheerleader, and I am glad that I signed up. I wish I had done it sooner.”

 He also likes how easy it was for him and his teammates to bond. Gabriel says that fortunately the judgement and teasing he was expecting was non-existent.

Senior Gricely Guzman likes having him in the team because “He makes us seem so much stronger in our voice and formation; it also calls attention to our audience.” 

Senior Abigail Rodriguez says it’s amazing having a male cheerleader as “it helps demonstrate to guys that because you do something that is not “masculine,” it does not mean you’re any different.”

He is fairly strong, so he “makes a perfect base for the cheer team,” says Abigail.

Freshman Finase Estime also thinks that “it’s great having him on the team because today’s society views a man on a cheer team as girly, but having Gabriel on the team proves cheer-leading is for both genders and anyone and everyone is accepted.” 

We asked all three girls if there should be more male cheerleaders and why. All of them said yes because it brings a whole new perspective to the cheer world. 

Many students and staff members look forward to getting more male and female cheerleaders and we are excited to see what else Gabriel brings to the team now and in the future.


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