Humanitarian Crisis in China


Elizabeth Mahony

Do you know what is happening in China right now?

Chinese leaders are facing criticism over “Muslim Camps.” Chinese Muslims are being detained in camps and facing inhumane conditions due to their religion. This horrifying event is taking place all over China, including big cities like Beijing. 

These camps are  officially being called “Re-education Camps” or “Vocational Education and Training Centers” by the Chinese government. They are given these names because the Chinese authorities are slowly erasing Muslim identities and enforcing new ones on them. 

According to the New York Times, Chinese officials sent out videos on social media that show them attacking helpless Muslims. They are forced to marry non-Muslims, eat pork, drink alcohol, and other things that are forbidden in Islam.

Many people all over the world are not aware that this is happening. Although many big influencers have tried using their fame and power on social media to speak out about it, there is no change. 

Mesut Özil, a well-known soccer player for Arsenal, spoke out about the camps, receiving backlash from many who are in support of China’s policies. China even went to the extent of not broadcasting the game that he was going to play in because of how unhappy they were that someone with such power was speaking out about it. 

As of 2018, it is estimated that the Chinese authorities may have detained thousands, if not millions, of Muslims.