A look back…

Now that 2020 is approaching, it’s time for a new decade to start. With rose-tinted lens of nostalgia, we will be taking a look back at what was trending each year this past decade.

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A look back…

Alex La Rosa, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

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Song: “TiK ToK” (Ke$ha)

Meme: Trololol (Video)

Fashion/ Accessory Trend: Silly bands


Song: “Rolling in the Deep” (Adele) 

Meme: Nyan Cat

Fashion/ Accessory Trend: Hot Huez/ Dip dye hair


Song: “Somebody That I Used to Know ” (Gotye ft. Kimbra)

Meme: Gangnam Style (Song by PSY)

Fashion Trend: Wedge Sneakers


Song: “Can’t Hold Us” (Mackelmore/Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton)

Meme: Doge

Fashion Trend: Crop Tops


Song: “Happy” (Pharell Williams)

Meme: Pepe the Frog

Fashion Trend: Snapbacks, crop tops


Song: “Uptown Funk” (Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars)

Meme: Hide the Pain Harold

Fashion Trend: Kylie Jenner lips / Duck Face


Song: “Love Yourself “(Justin Bieber)

Meme: Harambe

Fashion Trend: Bold, “full face beat”  fun makeup 


Song: “Shape of You” (Ed Sheeran)

Meme: Sponge-bob 

Fashion Trend: the high ponytail, the man bun


Song: “God’s Plan” (Drake)

Meme: Stefan Karl Stefansson (f.k.a Robbie Rotten)

Fashion Trend: fanny packs/biker shorts. Tiny glasses


Song: “Old Town Road” (Lil Nas X)

Meme: Woman Yelling at a Cat

Fashion Trend: Baggy clothes