LSE Athletics gets some major upgrades

Over the course of summer, significant changes were made to our school to improve the quality of our athletic program. 

1.The Lotus gym has been renovated into a more functional space to host practice and games.

From the new bleachers to the shiny new wooden flooring, our gym looks better than ever.

Dede Kpadenou
Vicky Mendez


First time student and senior, Abigail Rodriguez, is a fan of the new changes. She said,“ It has a new feel and is very comfortable but if there was one thing I would change is the spacing on the bleachers.”

Mr. Romagnoli, the physical education teacher, said, “It’s awesome! It fits the need for our gym classes. We have been waiting a long time. Now the gym is up to standard like other schools. The bleachers are comfortable and great, in fact. Better than the old ones which were falling apart.”

2. Although the weight room had a makeover last year, mirrors have now been added to cover the walls.


Vicky Mendez


Johnathan Diehl, a sophomore in Mr. Romagnoli’s weight training class, said, “The weight room is so much better than last year. We have proper equipment and actual safety. Instead of just free weights we have an actual operating machine. You can get a much better workout with the additions they have put into the weight room this year.”

3. New rims for basketball hoops are coming over winter break. 


Suhayb Hassan, a sophomore on the JV team, said, “I am a little worried about the new rims cause I’m already used to the old ones, but I’m excited to try something.”

Nabil Hassan, another sophomore on the JV team, said, “That’s pretty cool cause I keep missing my shots on these rims. These rims are just bad.”

4. New signage!

News signs have been added outside to direct parents and students to the gym. Ms. McClelland explained, “We wanted to make sure traffic flowed smoothly. We saw people trying to exit from the gate you are supposed to exit…to lesson confusion ad make easier for our families and visiting families.”



5. New sound system.   

This allows announcements and music to be extra lit.

Ahmed Mumin

More coming soon! 

More changes will be coming, including dividers to separate the gym during PE classes. “I think that will be a great addition. I tried to find a student in the gym once and almost got hit by golf balls,” said Ms. Khadija.

According to Mr. Hecker, the renovations for the gym cost a lot but it was for the greater good.

He claimed, “The old gym didn’t really absorb as much, making it unsafe for students. I am really happy that the gym got done before the school year opened up. This made it a great opportunity for not only the athletic program to take advantage over but the gym courses that take place.”

This is a new year for our athletic department. Look forward to many great improvements!