Prank On The New Science Teacher

On January 14, freshman Alexis Medina pranked the new science teacher, Mr. Pang. 

Hafsa Hassan

The idea of this prank came after Mr. Pang pranked Alexis into doing an “extra credit” assignment. Mr. Pang drew a circle on a piece of paper and told Alexis to put the coin on the piece of paper with his forehead. Little did he know there was pencil-lead on the coin. When he pressed on it, it drew a line on his forehead, though Alexis had no idea until one of his friends told him. Alexis came up with the idea to prank Mr. Pang back!

Alexis did this prank with the help of fellow freshmen. Cadence Coan, Emanuel Martinez, Jonathan Green, Jason Izaguirre, and Alejandra Pina decided to cover the outside of his car with sticky notes!

 We asked Mr. Pang his feeling on the matter, and in a statement, he said, “I had a mix of feelings. They did a great job, but on the other hand, I was thinking, ‘Man, if they can put this much executing a prank, how come they can’t  even get to class on time?’”  

It seems that both sides just wanted to have some fun and everyone got a good laugh out of it. Mr. Pang told us his response to this situation, and he responded with a funny note, “I handled it as any mature, un-phased, professional would, and cried myself to sleep.”

This little prank was a great laugh for the entire school.