Star Wars Episode IX Review


After nearly half a century, the Star Wars series comes to an end with this final movie, appropriately named Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. This film was made by JJ Abrams, who had previously written the script for Episode VII – The Force Awakens. The fans of Star Wars were mostly divided on the previous film (Episode VIII – The Last Jedi), however, many seem to enjoy the finale. 

Rather than the confusing plot holes that the previous film created, this movie was consistent and flowed rather well. 

There are many Star Wars fans across the world, one notable fan being in our school as well. I asked Mr. Scobee, a teacher for the Secondary level classes, about his opinions of this movie. 

When asked upon the trailer, Mr. Scobee thought it was rather uninteresting. He was not enthusiastic about how it would turn out. However, after its release, he  changed his opinion.

“I loved it. It reminded me of the old movies,” Scobee mentioned, “it had more of a camp feeling,” referring to the return of the Ewoks. 

Although he loved the story-line, he was negative about Kylo Ren’s character development, saying it seemed to have been forced. 

First time viewer, Brian Sierra, Junior President and Manager of the Lotus School News, also had some positive things to say.

“I enjoyed the movie. It was entertaining even without any previous context,” remarked Brian. “The dynamic between Kylo and Rey is like the good guy versus the bad guy, which was all I wanted–and it lived up to it.” 

Both Mr. Scobee and Brian made connections to past events in the previous movies. Brian recalled being sad that C-3PO was mistreated, seeing as he was basically the first protagonist we saw in the first Star Wars movie. Scobee, on the other hand, was overwhelmed at the connections it had, and wept many times. 

Mr. Scobee had seen Episodes 5 and 6 when they were released in theaters in the 1980’s, while Brian had never watched a Star Wars movie prior to this one. Both, however, can agree on one thing: this blockbuster is a must see for a long time fan, and someone who is just looking for a good movie.