Lotus Superstars: Courtney Bauer

This month’s superstar is Courtney Bauer. Many of you guys may or may not know her, but she is on the cheer team and her mom works in the school. 

Hafsa Hassan
LSE cheerleader Courtney Bauer

Freshman, Courtney Bauer is not a typical freshman. She has a lot of unique things that make her who she is! Courtney was born with a  heart condition called Turner’s syndrome, which gave her 45 chromosomes instead of 46. However, she does not let this affect her high school career. 

 Thankfully, Courtney has been pretty healthy and is able to live a normal life. There have been a few scary moments, however. For example, last year she had a brain bleed. They don’t know what caused it, but that night she started getting dizzy and had a bad headache. They took her to the hospital and realized the problem. Afterwards she had to do some physical therapy to get her back to feeling her best.

 Courtney doesn’t dwell on her condition, and instead focuses on what she’s supposed to do in high school, like maintain good grades and participate in activities.  “I’m limited for what sports I can participate in because of my heart condition,” Courtney said, “but it’s important to focus on finding things you can do, instead of thinking of everything you can’t do.” 

Courtney is a passionate member of the cheer team.

Although Courtney has to have a blood test done every two weeks, she is still a big contribution to the cheer team. She started cheering for her team ever since 8th grade and has continued into her freshman year. “The one thing that’s been hard is that I can’t play basketball,” she said. “My whole family is very athletic and playing competitive sports is difficult for me, but cheer has become a passion of mine.”

With her optimism and courage, Courtney will continue to be one of the strongest and most impactful people here at Lotus. She proves that overcoming obstacles is a matter of believing in yourself and reaching your limits.