Thoughts on Trump’s impeachment


Due to the controversy that comes with our president, Donald Trump’s impeachment has been a big topic to touch on currently. With lots of articles, live videos, and posts, this topic is taking over the internet. 

So what does it mean to be impeached? Impeachment is a formal way to charge a president with a crime. It’s the first step taken to remove a president from office. In the entire U.S. history, only three presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump. Richard Nixon escaped impeachment by resigning from the presidency, after realizing that there was enough evidence gathered for him to be impeached. 

Now, a president can’t be impeached for no reason. Trump has been accused of abusing his power. He allegedly worked with Ukraine to assist his re-election process by damaging opponents’ campaigns. Trump pressured Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to investigate the former vice president, Joseph R. Biden, Jr., who is one of his rivals for the next election in 2020.

On Wednesday, December 18th, 2019, the House of Representatives announced that Trump is now impeached. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be removed from office. A trial will be held first. If Trump wins the case, then he will be the president until the end of his first term, January 20, 2021. If he doesn’t win the case, Trump will be removed from office and vice president, Mike Pence, will become the president until the end of Trump’s term.

As I went around the school and asked both students and teachers for their opinions about the impeachment, I got a variety of answers. One of them that stood out was by Ms. Williams, the secondary social studies teacher. When asked if she opposes the impeachment she said, “Yes, I oppose the impeachment. I do not believe there is enough evidence to continue.” She says that if Trump is impeached, it will fragment America and divide the country.

On the other hand, Ada Arinze, a junior at Lotus, says that Trump should be impeached. She said that she doesn’t oppose the impeachment because, “ Trump is very biased about a lot of the laws he makes. Because he doesn’t like a certain race, he attacks them. He wants to build the wall with taxpayer dollars because he is selfish, but he’s the only one who is 110% for it, so why can’t he pay himself? ”

Another senior at Lotus, Gabriel Del Castillo, adds that the impeachment, “will benefit our country since the person that is going through impeachment has caused much turmoil and is the reason behind the separation of families due to immigration laws, political views, etc. My hope is that, once the country as a whole gets through this difficult time, we will be united like never before.”

Mr. Scobee, the secondary social studies teacher, said that if Trump is impeached, then “At first things could get worse, but in the end, I have faith that our nation will find a way to unite and power through these unique and trying times.”

What are your thoughts on the impeachment? Should Trump be removed from office or not?