Erick Eats: Pantaleone’s Pizza

This month for Erick Eats, we tried Pantaleone’s Italian restaurant. This restaurant was featured in an episode of Gordon Ramsy’s series “Kitchen Nightmares.”


Vicky Mendez

Erick Hernandez

Erick Hernandez, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

 Although it may sound good to be publicized through TV, that wasn’t the case for this family-owned restaurant. Gordon Ramsey tore apart the restaurants under-cooked, poorly made food as well as the poor teamwork. You can check out the full episode below from the Kitchen Nightmares YouTube channel. 

Of course, Gordon Ramsey did not leave before coaching the team on how to make their pizza live up to their claim of being the best pizza in Denver. The restaurant also got a full renovation to make it a more stylish, inviting space to eat.

It was kind of cool getting to experience something that was on TV and to see if Pantaleone’s lived up to our expectations.

Myself and my team (Alex La Rosa, Dede Kpadenou, and Julia Mendez) ordered the carnivore pizza which has sausage, ham, and pepperoni. The crust was a traditional New York style. The crust was thick and clearly made in a stone oven, though it was a bit dry.


In all honesty, the pizza wasn’t the best we’ve ever had. Although it wasn’t bad or anything, we just expected a little bit more for “Denver’s best pizza.” The pizza cost us about $20, and we felt that price was a bit high. Julia, the  A&E editor, said, “The sausage was really good, but it had too much oil to the point my lips felt shiny each time I took a bite.”

We also ordered tiramisu for desert and that was pretty good, but not to everyone’s taste. As you know, tiramisu is usually made with espresso and rum and those flavors were really strong. “To me it tasted too strongly of alcohol, but it wasn’t bad,” said Dede Kpadenou.


If you have tried or plan to try Pantaleone’s, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Also, we will be continuing the hunt for some really good pizza near Lotus, so let us know if you have any suggestions!