New Lunch and Graduation Rules

You may or may not have heard about the new lunch and graduation rules here at Lotus, but they will impact every Lotus student.

Graduation Requirements

The new rules have already started, but will affect graduates starting next year. 

vicky Mendez
New lunch – graduation

A few things we know about these rules so far is that students need to get at least a 957 or higher on their SAT score to graduate. Lotus has also made a few changes to the credit requirements. There used to be 24 credits needed to graduate from Lotus, but starting next year you will only need 23. 

Mr. Durmus believes these changes are positive and will make seniors more prepared for life after high school. He said,“I am happy about more open opportunities for seniors. We will continue helping seniors to get ready for their college and work life.” 

New Lunch Rules

Vicky Mendez

The new lunch rules are that seniors and juniors have 5 minutes after the bell to leave school for lunch, and when they come back from lunch they are not able to bring any food into the building. Junior Misty Penias says, “The new rule is unreasonable.” Mr. Durmus said the food is a distraction, but Misty disagrees, “It’s not a distraction. It helps us focus when we are able to eat in class.”

The new lunch and graduation rules are just a few in a series of changes made in the last year and a half. Last year, we added the new science building and now the classrooms are getting new Promethean boards. Many students like the new updates to the school, but they don’t like the new graduation and lunch rules.