A Volcano What????


Charism Sayat/AFP/Getty Images


On January 12, the Taal Volcano began to spew ash nine miles into the air, leading to a prompt evacuation in Manila, Philippines. So far, nearly 25,000 people have been reported in the emergency shelters that have been designated; many others have gone to stay with family and friends. 

The Taal Volcano is located 65 kilometers south of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It began spewing ash on January 12 leading to major panic within citizens located in the danger zone. There was an increased level of seismic activity of the highest of 959 quakes a day leaving many fearing a huge eruption. The ash caused thin metal roofs to cave in under the weight.

People returned to their destroyed homes in nearly a foot of ash on the grounds of the freshly destroyed village. They struggled to take the next step in this horrifying, life-changing tragedy.

The level 4 warning maintained due to the spewing smoke up until this week when it was brought down to level 3. Officials are addressing how to deal with the distribution crisis caused by the mass evacuations. There are currently discussions on what areas are safe and which areas need evacuation.

In the next few days, if the seismic activity reduces, the threat level will decrease, allowing more people to return to their homes. This is not the first time the Taal Volcano has erupted; in 1911 it had a highly deadly eruption, killing 1,335 people and demolishing the area.



People from all around the world paid their respects and prayers. Others donated to help support families in this tragic time. You can help the Angel Leus family who lived in the town at https://www.gofundme.com/f/funds-for-philippines-taal-volcano-evacuees